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Wild Fly x Brady's Handmade Nets limited edition net

Est. 2017
Spartanburg, SC

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Why choose Brady's Nets?

Russ and Joshua Brady display a handcrafted net at Due South Outfitters in Boone, NC.

Built by father and son since 2017!

Brady's Handmade Nets offers customization like no other net maker. From hoop to handle we can help you design a personalized net
perfect for your needs. We offer five hoop sizes each with short and long handle options. Names, phrases, company logos and custom designs, epoxy filled river nets or rare burls!  

Contact us to design your own!

email me at
call me personally at 864.216.5878


Original Brady's Handmade Net

Original Brady's Handmade Net

Fishing and wood working where always hobbies of ours. A beautiful day on the river started with a slip and fall which broke my fathers new net. On the ride home we realized we could build a new one. We used the old net as a template and reused the netting birthing the first Brady's Handmade Net. That net led to us making one as a Christmas gift. We shared a picture online and soon we had people asking for us to make something special for them. One order led to another and many more after that. July 7th, 2017 we formed Brady's Handmade Nets. For six years my father and I have built custom heirloom quality landing nets from our backyard shop!



From the Best Customers in the World.

Robert arrington.jpg

Deer Meat for Dinner

I just received my custom Net in the mail and my Jaw literally dropped!!!! this thing is absolutely amazing! the craftmanship, the attention to detail, the overall fit and feel is beyond my wildest imagination!!! so happy!

mike timm_edited.jpg

Mike T.

Without question, these are some of the best handmade fishing nets that money can buy. Excellent quality craftsmanship with great customer service. A down to earth family that loves fishing and fishing gear as much as you do. Every net is unique and special, just like their customer base. 5 Stars across the board. The best fishing net you’ll ever own.

stan warr.jpg

Stan W.

Today was special because I received my Brady’s “Wild Fly” handmade net. This is more than a sportsman’s tool…it is a work of art! In the fifty plus years I have been fly fishing I have never held a net of this quality, functionality and craftsmanship. Well done boys!

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